Fujiyama Advisors is built on a foundation of timeless and successful principles.

Welcome to Fujiyama Advisors

Thank you for visiting the Fujiyama Advisors website. We are an independent financial services firm. Fujiyama means Mount Fuji. We will help guide you in scaling the mountain of obstacles towards your financial goals. We realize that no two clients' financial situations are the same. We strive to completely understand each client's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks more than anyone outside of their family, and we use that understanding to tailor each client's approach to their financial lives.

If you are looking for a large practice with more standardized services, you are not for us. Once someone becomes our client, we will care for them with undivided attention and dedication. Therefore, we do not encourage just anyone to join our family, especially if they tend to change their investment advisor every few years or are looking to us for short-term outperformance of the markets. Our main goal is to build a life-long trusting relationship and to see that we meet the goals and objectives of our clients.